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Queering Reproductive Justice BOOk

Queering Reproductive Justice is the first book to bring queer theory into  conversation with reproductive justice scholarship and activism. In outlining the epistemological and political benefits of queering reproductive justice, the book ultimately asks and answers the following question: What might a queer reproductive justice politic look like that does not focus primarily on children and families, that is relevant beyond individuals’ immediate reproductive desires, and that understands “queering” beyond examining an issue in relation to LGBTQ-identified people?


To answer this question, each of the book’s chapters centers a different reproductive justice issue—abortion, crisis pregnancy centers, surrogacy, maternity leave—and does so in a way that allows us to re-think broader debates occurring in feminist and queer theory and related activism. Put simply, each chapter approaches a fairly typical reproductive justice topic in “queer” ways. Doing so models what can happen to our thinking about queer and reproductive issues when we bring them together.

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