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Game room

Across her courses, Carly Thomsen uses analog game-making to teach feminist and queer theory. Having witnessed the pedagogical benefits of playing--quite literally--with ideas, Thomsen decided to create different ways to play with the arguments of Queering Reproductive Justice. Collaborations with students and colleagues produced three different games: A Cards-Against-Humanity-inspired card game, an escape room, and a trivia game. As companion pieces to Queering Reproductive Justice, the games are meant to be played alongside reading the book. They were also designed with many players and purposes in mind. Professors assigning the book in class might use the escape room as a midterm review, community organizers might host a reading group followed by a boozy Trivia Time game, and anyone who likes to crack inappropriate jokes will enjoy the Cards for QRJ game. Time to get your game face on!  


To learn more about the pedagogical method that inspired our approach here, check out The Games Project

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