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About the Project

Queer theory and reproductive justice need one another. It is the goal of this project, Queering Reproductive Justice, to demonstrate what can happen to our thinking and our activism when queer theory and reproductive justice collide. 


To be more specific, the project approaches fairly typical reproductive justice issues--including abortion, surrogacy, and maternity leave--in queer ways. Ultimately, it asks: What might a queer reproductive justice politic look like that does not focus primarily on children and families, that is relevant beyond individuals’ immediate reproductive desires, and that understands “queering” beyond examining an issue in relation to LGBTQ-identified people?


To answer this question, we have taken a decidely queer approach. Our project involves an academic book, this website, three playable games, and original art produced by our artists’ collective. We are also a deciedly queer crew. We are professors, students, activists, and artists. Queering Reproductive Justice is part academic critique, part artistic interpretation, and part activist intervention. It is collaborative. It is conversational. It is meant to circulate.

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